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Month: February, 2013

Goodbye, February

It’s February 28. It’s not a leap year which means, when once the clock strikes 12:00, the month is over.

Month of love, or no?

Truly I question the wisdom behind the holiday. I’m not a hopeless romantic, if that’s not yet obvious enough, but neither am I an antagonist towards love. It’s the holiday that I question.

Valentine’s Day.

It’s that time of year when people would go out of their way to buy chocolates or flowers or stuffed bears or Valentine’s cards or all four of them to give to that someone. Probably with a special dinner to top it all off.

If you are being religious about it, you’d call it St. Valentine’s Day.

The history is shrouded in mist, as most other holidays are. There are at least three Valentines and no one really know which one of them, if it is one of them, is the Valentine of Valentine’s Day.

And there’s also Cupid, the Roman equivalent of Eros, imagined as a cute baby angel flying around with his heart arrow perpetually strung on his bow. Whoever gets hit instantly falls in love.

There is nothing wrong with falling in love. Certainly, none at all. Love is beautiful.

Such a wonder which the world couldn’t exist without.

As such, contrary to what a lot of people will say, I find that Valentine’s Day does not build it.

Valentine’s Day, for a fact, builds on it. But the holiday doesn’t build it. I find that Valentine’s Day ruins it.

For why does one need to wait for a holiday to give such presents? Why can’t people give chocolates, flowers, stuffed bears, cards every day of the year? Why must there be that one day that you have to wait for to make the act look and feel special?

Wouldn’t it be more special if you give a present because you simply wanted to and not because there is the holiday and you are expected to give one?

Gifts are meant to be that way.

One gifts because one wants to and not because a holiday is enforcing such act.

If gifts are given for such reasons, they might as well not exist for they have become empty and void of anything besides the need to fulfil a requirement.

And now that the month of love is almost over, must that also mean that love is out of season?


Life and Eternity and Why

Throughout the ages, man has always sought eternity. Be it living forever or through an immortal soul, man has always yearned for an existence that just stretches on without end. Humans have always imagined an existence where death is simply not present.

We search for the fountain of youth, the philosopher’s stone and all other mythological items with which we hope to put a stopper in death.

We think of such creatures as vampires who live in the darkness, shielded from the sun yet live forever on this Earth. Some of us long to be like them. Especially when a certain particular book series reached the silver screen and spawned a whole horde of vampires and their kin who also live forever.

Honestly, though, I shouldn’t be using “we” in all these because I am not one of those who are quite certain of a want of eternal life. Truth be told, the idea of living forever scares me.

I know for a fact that people become what they are because they know that time is always ticking for them. People know that they don’t have all the time in the world so they do what they can and what they must for the day because tomorrow might not come. People achieve great things because they know that in attaining them, they are immortalized in the hearts and minds of the people whom they’ve touch.

I do what I must and what I can for the day because I acknowledge that today could be my last day. I accept the fact that tomorrow is but an idea and that it could never be real. I understand that, indeed, tomorrow might not come for me.

And knowing even just that, and reminding myself of that all the time has kept me from leaving things for tomorrow when they could be done today.

Realizing even just that much have enabled me to stop my habit of putting things off confident that there will always be tomorrow.

Now, it might have been a traumatic event that woke me up with that realization but I did wake up. And I accept that as a truth. That acceptance has given me a lot.

If we put in a picture of humans as forever-living beings, my truth would never be the truth for anybody else. It would even cease to be true for me. Because a life that stretches on forever would mean a tomorrow that always comes.

If we did live like that, would we have imagined, designed, created everything that man ever came up with in its relatively short history? Would we ever have the push, the motivation, the urge to better everything? Would we have search for anything beyond what nature has already presented us with?

Of course, we could say that if humans lived forever, the great minds that have been lost to time would still be alive today and would still be making even greater things. Then again, we could give the same argument for the other great minds. Those great minds that produced terrible things. Great, but terrible. Things we know the world would be better without.

Indeed, there has always been two sides of a coin. Each has its own pros and cons. Humans are naturally dual in nature, we are all capable of both good and evil.

A life of eternity is really rather inviting. We do not have it, so we look for it. We imagine the possibilities and we are astounded.

What if we did have it? What would we make of it? What would everything be like?