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Month: December, 2012

Would you rather have a short full life or a long ordinary life?

Would you rather be that person who falls through life going with all the norms? Being born, infancy, childhood, school, graduation, landing a job that you’ll stay with for the rest of your working life, retire, then sleep? Would you rather have an extraordinarily ordinary life? A rather long life of falling through the motions of the world and what society expects of a person? Would you rather live while swimming with the current of the river of life?

Or would you rather break down the dome of normalcy and deviate from what society expects of you knowing that your life could be cut short by the risks you take? A life lived full of the enthusiasm to take everything good which can be taken from this life? Would you rather break from the river’s current?

Do dreams end when they become reality?

People dream throughout their lives. They have visions of the future. They dream as if they will live forever.

However such is not the reality for man. No matter how healthy you think you are, there will inevitably come the moment when you will sleep and not awaken.

Perhaps, this is what motivates man to live. To live as if there will be no tomorrow. I have felt fear enough to make me live like so.

With this kind of living, you will probably be constantly working to realize your visions, to reach your goals, to achieve.

But what happens when they all become real? What happens when what you imagine now syncs with what you see? What becomes of dreams when they have become reality?

Which is worse, turning to drugs or turning to suicide?

I thought about it and decided…

Suicide is probably worse. But only because when one commits suicide, one becomes irredeemable. The act can never be undone. However, when you turn to drugs, you still have that chance to return to life. Then again, that chance will only be taken if one is still willing to.

If you’re wondering, no I’m not depressed and neither am I pondering which option to think. This came out of a series of episodes from Kami-sama no Memochou featuring a junkie and her sister who decides to jump off the school roof.