Misery Business

by Kale

Every time I spend the afternoon here, I always have the displeasure of listening to this radio show that, by now I’ve figured, my mother has decided to follow. I don’t like much of it and neither can I tell my mother to just turn it off nor can I simply not hear it for I live in quite a small house.

The radio show is the melodramatic type. It’s the type where people send in letters of stories of their lives, the DJ reads them, a lot of times, while crying, gives advice to the sender, and listeners can participate in the show by sending or calling in their comments, advice, greetings or anything else.

Now, this is radio. Radio is business. People make a profit out of these broadcasts.

I know I have admitted to be the kind of person to be amused in other people’s misery. I accept that. I don’t deny it.

I find it especially amusing when the misery that I witness, hear about, get wind of is the type that people inflicted upon themselves. The type which they needn’t have suffered had they not placed it upon themselves. Or that which could have been avoided if it weren’t for lack of wisdom.

Nevertheless, I am not the sort of person to keep being amused when people have made money, made a profit, made a business out of other people’s misery.

It is not a matter to take pleasure of.

Another aspect about this that I find especially disturbing is the fact that radio is entertainment.

You could turn everything upside down, inside out and still know that people tune in to the radio for entertainment. Much as they do when they start lounging in front of the television.

But, let’s talk about radio.

It is rather disturbing knowing that people find these shows entertaining. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be listeners, would there? People enjoy the show, people enjoy listening to other people’s misery.

It’s different from amusement altogether.

And this is real life. It wouldn’t have been so warped if the letters were made up but, with these things, there’s always a truth in them. Even if there exists the possibility of exaggeration.

It’s entertainment. But it’s still business, right? It’s called the entertainment business, after all.

Then again, I find that just about everything in this world has been reduced to being nothing more than business.

The arts – music, visual arts, performance art. The sciences – biology, physics, chemistry. Technology.

Everything has been tainted and has been reduced to business. All under the power of clever… Greedy, yes. But clever entrepreneurs.

And with visibly increasing disregard of all humanity for that which is human, this is just another one of those ways in which we, humans, are leading ourselves to ruin.

It’s not happy a sight. It’s not pretty a sight. But it’s the reality of this world that we live in.

Shows like these might look good on the surface. How they supposedly help other people. Truthfully, the DJ could be well-meaning. But the corporate mind doesn’t run like that. Certainly, it’s all good. Until you dig deeper into everything and find nothing but the opposite of beautiful.

I give credit to Paramore for the title of this post. I can’t claim it my own. I was looking for something and remembered their song.