by Kale

It’s been over a month since that 6.7-magnitude earthquake hit us. And it’s still hasn’t failed to amaze me how very little damage we incurred when Haiti was left in the rubble after a magnitude 7 earthquake. Indeed, I have a lot to be grateful for.

Even if I hate to admit it, each minor shake of the ground I stand on scares me. My heart would start going on overdrive until I tell myself to stop overreacting. For instance, only a few days after that terrible night, on September 5th, we experienced another minor earthquake, at about 3:12 am.

That was probably a literal aftershock. I was still in bed at that time, of course, but I woke up with my bed, the ground, rather, moving as it wasn’t supposed to. Then, the cocks all started crowing and I started hoping that the dogs won’t started barking wildly.

They say that animals are much better at sensing danger than humans. If the dogs in our neighbourhood actually started acting mad, there was going to be trouble. Thank the powers that be they never did. And I was able to dismiss the behaviour of those cocks as their normal early morning wake up call.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to go back to sleep. I couldn’t help but stay awake and alert and listen for anything that might come up. It didn’t help that my mother practically ordered me to stay up as well.

That, to me, was my second aftershock. The first one I felt when I was trying to recall the events of that night and put them down in writing. The power of memories are, indeed, strong and not to be meddled with.

I wanted to finally put all these things down and release them back in September but I never did find the time. There was always something. Something I had to do. Something I had to attend to. Something I had to fulfil.

I couldn’t just ignore all those and try and put these things down. However, last Saturday, October 6, at about 6:25 pm, I felt another one. Another shaking that made me want to stop whatever I was doing, jump on my bed and curl up.

It was so subtle I can’t help but think I’d imagined it.

Nevertheless, it reminded me of those things from before.

Those things… These things were more of those thoughts I had during that extremely unforgettable night. From the evening of August 31, 2012 to September 21, 2012.