Hello, October

by Kale

September has come and gone, ending the third quarter of the year. Now we are at the fourth and last quarter of 2012. Soon enough, we’d be hearing Christmas carols constantly playing in the airwaves.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but… It feels only not so long ago since I welcomed 2012. Now, very soon, I’d be welcoming 2013. So, who’s with me?

But, before that, we still have these coming days to live before January 2013 stands at our door. For the December 21, 2012 doomsday believers, we still have these few days to live before the world ends.

The last month, which ended only yesterday, didn’t come to me so easily. August didn’t want to go without a bang. So, it ended with some of us being shaken to the core.

The memory of that night remains so vivid.

Although I admit I may not be able to forget it, I might not even move on from it in the sense of being as calm as I used to whenever an earthquake happens, I am somewhat grateful for that night.

Accidents may happen in the weirdest of ways. But so do miracles. So does wisdom.

That night, without a doubt, taught me a lot of things – some of which I’ve already put down in writing.

September may have started for me with terror in my heart. My world shook like it never did before. It was the first time I’ve ever felt that the solid ground on which I stand may not be so solid after all; that, in an instant, it might give way and I could fall.

Nevertheless, it didn’t end without me being able to make the necessary changes to a lot of different aspects of my life. These changes served for the good. These changes made me feel better.

Although I have not been able to do everything I wish I could’ve done, I am ready to face October and live it even better than I did September.