Think Good Thoughts

by Kale

I most certainly have no idea whatsoever as to why I feel this way at this very moment but I cannot complain. I am loving this feeling and I absolutely do not want it to be ruined by any trivialities of the daily grind of life.

I feel so light. Like, floating in the clouds. And, no, I didn’t resort to drugs just to be able to feel something like this.

I’m happy. I think, that’s the right word for it. Happy but have not one bit of a clue as to what is making me feel like this.

It’s brilliant.

It’s like, there should be a celebration going on right now. Exuberance. Jubilation. Whatever. Although, now that I say them, those words sound quite big. Just up there in the clouds would be enough.

Now, of course, the world doesn’t always want to agree with you. For instance, right now, the heat is slowly getting to me. When the temperature reaches this level, it usually makes me go down a few steps in my mood.

Nevertheless, I don’t want such minor details getting to me.

Which is why, I say to myself, think good thoughts.

No matter how good you feel in a moment, so long as your mind is not in tune with it, there is no way that you can keep that really good feeling with you.

On the other hand, if you are feeling so low, like the entire world is about to come crushing down on you, simply go back to those moments when you were happy. Think them. Swim through them. Drown yourself in the days when the soul of the world was in agreement with you.

Eventually, that negativity will seep out of you and you will remember that there remains beauty in this world that we live in. All it takes is for you to keep them in focus and leave the rest behind knowing that they pale in comparison to the majestic bounty of life.

Think good thoughts.

I may never truly find out what gave me this sort of wonderful feeling but not knowing is half the beauty of it.

I’ll watch the stars tonight.