Stop, Time

by Kale

The world today moves exceedingly fast. Faster than was possible only a decade ago. We move about our lives so fast we can barely catch up. One minute we’re just waking up, the next thing we notice is that it’s already time to turn in. We’ve missed that chance to take a break, spend time with the family, with friends, make memories. Those important moments get lost in the speed with which we try to move the world.

Eventually, we all reach a point when we just want to take a break, to relax, to unwind. Sometimes, in all the chaos of the world, we feel like we just want time to take a break, too. For everything to take a pause. We want so much to bask in the atmosphere of the moment that we want everything to be just like the way they are for much, much, much longer.

It doesn’t have to be that time when we finally receive great applause.

It doesn’t have to be that time when the one rival who was keeping us from becoming number one is finally overcome.

It doesn’t have to be that time when we finally achieve our dreams.

It can come in a moment just like this. With the cold but gentle wind caressing our face. With the stars shining brightly in the night sky above us. With the children in the neighbor’s laughing. With only the chatter of the grown-ups breaking the quiet of the night.

That beautiful evening when things are just the way they should be.

That one moment when everything is just so peaceful, serene, tranquil.

One can just feel like wishing for things to come into a halt so that one can gaze at the stars and ponder about them for a long while knowing full well that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Some years from now, this place will be no more. That time when urbanization will have finally crawled into the countryside. When houses become as empty as they are full.

When that time comes, the halting of time would no longer be enough. Only a reversal will repair what was destroyed.

I can only wish that I wouldn’t live to see that day.