An Extraordinarily Ordinary Dream

by Kale

For in dreams, we enter a world which is entirely our own. Let him swim in deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud.*

A few terms back, I had a course in psychology. In psychology, we try to examine and understand the human mind. We try to make sense of the actions of man – from benevolent deeds to criminal behavior. We try to chart the human brain, explain the motivations of man. What makes man tick?

However, if there is one thing that even psychology have not yet known despite all these years spent on the discipline it’s dreams. Those pictures one so vividly sees while one is asleep.

Dreams are supposed to be the product of the subconscious part of the human brain. That much we know. Psychologist can even tell, through their advanced instruments, when one is sleeping so deep or when one is dreaming. A dreamless sleep can be differentiated from one which is otherwise.

This afternoon, I’ve had one of the most unusual dreams I’ve ever had. It’s oddity lies in the sheer fact that it is so normal, not out of the ordinary at all that I could’ve been awake the whole time except for the part where I was thinking, “When I wake up, these things wouldn’t be there.”

I’ve dreamt of being a hero in an epic battle against mythological creatures. I’ve dreamt of going on a quest with a great welcome waiting for me. I’ve dreamt of owning my hoverboard and flying over mountains and seas.

And those are what my dreams are made of on epic nights. Especially after a doing a good number on my gaming world.

But this afternoon, it was very different. It was a very ordinary encounter at a mall with a person I haven’t seen for years now. It could have been any other person. If it was real life, it wouldn’t have been a first nor would it have been any surprising.

However, as I have observed, there are things which brings a seemingly ordinary thing closer to extraordinary. The person I dreamt having meet again after these few years, is one who hasn’t crossed my mind in all my waking thoughts probably for about as long as I haven’t seen her.

She’s a senior to me. But she was one of the very few who looked after me. Which, now that I think about it, is rather odd seeing as I never knew her before we were in school together. Then again, maybe some people are just like that.

In the dream, she saw me while I was going out of the cinema, she called after me but I didn’t answer. I saw her behind the glass but I wasn’t so certain. She chided and that was only when I answered back.

She was with a man who, in all sense of the word, looked to me like her father. She probably had to say goodbye to that man. She asked and I told her I had nothing more to do and was only making my way out of the mall.

The first thing she did for me was to buy me something – a branded, quite expensive handkerchief that I even told her I could’ve bought outside at only Php 30, even Php 20; albeit without the brand. And that’s when I thought I’d lose these things once I wake up making me will myself to sleep a bit more and enabled us to go about the mall a bit longer.

I woke up to the radio with a man crooning about something I couldn’t understand. The only words I remember from it are remember, photo, and ember. I couldn’t quite makes sense of the song except that it sounded rather sad, wistful.

Now, I was never the type of person to take photos of myself nor of people. Not that I had a way to take pictures myself back then. Naturally, I don’t have a photo with that person. And waking up to that song… Well, it was something.

My dreams. I probably would never truly understand what makes them. And probably, not anyone. And this is one of the few that I remembered so clearly after waking up. A lot of my dreams leave me wondering what were in them once I wake up. Like the one I had before this one. And this is one of the even fewer that I’ve put down in writing. I wouldn’t be so surprised if this is actually the first one.

Nevertheless, even if I never get to understand what they’re made of, what makes my dreams, why my dreams are like so, I’d still always rather have dreams than spend a dreamless night.

* Professor Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and The Prizoner of Azkaban