Welcome 2012

by Kale

2011 has come and gone in blur. It was a year full of sweet new things. But it was also a year full of farewells – from the final movie of the Harry Potter franchise, to the death of Apple’s Steve Jobs. 2011 left us with so many things to ponder on.

Now we are almost halfway through the first month of 2012. Too many important things could have happened already but they, nevertheless, managed to skip my notice. But it is only just beginning. More things are brewing on the surface of the Earth.

But, of all the things that could possibly be overlooked, I didn’t fail to notice what year it is: 2012. We’ve all seen all manner of literature pertaining to the doom of 2012. From paper to digital media, there is a lot of talk about how this world will face its end on December 21st of this year.

Last year, there was at least two predictions that reached the major news channels of our country of dates when the world will end. Of course, they were wrong as we are all still here and the Earth is still alive – not so well, but alive.

Major disasters happened in 2011 but not on those days predicted for the world to end. Although, news stated that some people, indeed, die on those days because of heart attack from fear of those predictions.

The Mayan calendar supposedly ends on December 21, 2012 – the main reason why people are craving about that date and pegging it to be the end of days.

However, must that really matter? Or, for that matter, must any end-of-days matter?

The way I see it: it shouldn’t. Simply because, if you know how to live your life one day at a time, no end of the world will ever bother your peace. No date will ever bother your spirit. No calendar will ever bother your heart.

Sure, there was a movie called 2012 that, at the beginning, would make you feel like it will tell of the end of the world. But, ultimately, the world still didn’t it, did it?

2012 just began and, like how we must change our calendars, we must also learn to change for the better and keep at pace with the world but do it one step at a time.

So, remember to live life one day at a time. Look to the past as beautiful paintings of yesterday – there to be appreciated and not to be holding grudges over. Look to the future as a bright kaleidoscope of tomorrow – there to look forward to and not to be anxious with.

Like one wise turtle once said,

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
But today is a gift.
That is why it is called present.