It is Unsettling

by Kale

It seems, humans are accelerating the pace on the road to destruction. The general condition of the world is not improving and the general atmosphere of the news continues to be gloomy. The state of the world is still in disrepair and, everyday, we can watch how we are all failing to care of this land. Humans are soiling the land too much.

It used to be that heinous crimes are unheard of in our place. They either happen in the big cities or way down south where there is huge opposition against the government. Stories of people being taken away and returned incomplete used to be unheard of in this place. They usually happen down south where civilians are randomly taken by the rebels in their effort to spread fear and panic on the general populace.

However, just last Saturday, someone told me of a child from a nearby town who went missing. The child was not only found dead in the ditch but was also left with the internal organs replaced with some cash amounting to Php 2,500. I didn’t want to believe it but I know it could be very true. Such things, of children being taken for their internal organs, have been in the news for quite some time already. It just hasn’t happened as near before. It’s too close for comfort.

Yesterday, I went to the university to see my instructor and I was greeted with a poster at the guard house warning everyone about similar incidents, the youth being taken by lawless elements who are concealed in highly tinted vans, which have been occurring all too often. Just a few moments ago, I heard of another child who was found dead with the eyes and some other internal organs missing.

People would all agree that this is the work of those people who take advantage of the sick – selling internal organs in the black market to the sick rich who can afford them. Given that, it is not only the merchants who are guilty but the rich who go to them as well. There won’t be merchants if there wasn’t a market.

This is just one of the things that show that we are all headed for the worse. But there is still the worst. Much more terrible things will happen and, as it is stated in the Book, if the worst days aren’t cut short, no one will survive. Not everyone will believe in what was written but, given state the world is in right now, one can’t help but believe that it is happening.

It is, indeed, unsettling. Nevertheless, there is a beautiful ending. There is a magical ending. And is is one which must always be remembered at times like this.