The Anatomy of Being

by Kale

A deceitful heart. A manipulative mind. A devious soul.

Such are the things the human is made of. We failed to be the creation we were meant to be. We have become corrupt beings, easily swayed by the sands of time. Even the inspired writings from ages ago have penned it long before our time.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

However, this should hardly be surprising as even before the first ones had the chance to give birth to other beings, they have met with the serpent of old and didn’t have the better judgement to not believe him. The first ones, instead, went out of their way to disobey the Creator and obey the serpent of old.

Humans from long ago have lived in disobedience and tragedy instead of obedience and blessing. Our most ancient forefathers deemed it better to push away the Creator and wished for Him to be far them instead of drawing close to Him. That one mistake have continued on until He was no longer so close as to speak with us the way He did with the first ones. In the end, the serpent of old won humanity over.

Humans today live in the same state. We continue to live unguided by Him and continue to live under the rule of the serpent of old. Our thoughts are no longer directed in the straight and narrow but have continue to be in the serpentine curves that they have so become since the first ones obeyed the serpent.

The serpent continues to rule. He continues to live in all of us. And only too many of us still obey him. He continues to deceive and only too few are able to see through the deceit. Dethroning him is a monumental task that mere humans aren’t so capable of.

We’re all capable of the light. However, not everyone will be so willing to harness it and many will continue to obey the dark – after all, it is the easier one. We’ll all keep on leading ourselves to ruin. The state of humanity today shows such a destination. But I know the best is yet to come. It may not be soon but somehow, tomorrow will continue to come. And there will be one tomorrow when everything will be new and the things of old will be past. And it will be beautiful, elegant, majestic. Magnificent. Simply indescribable.