Truth, Simple Truth

by Kale

Choice is an illusion. In the end, a person can only abide with the circumstances surrounding him, the possibilities that seem least distant, and, undeniably, that which works for him. The notion of a choice is but a human defense mechanism which tries to deny the inevitability of the life that surrounds man.

Many hinges on the deception that by making the right choices, things will eventually work out for them. Some holds on to that thought too much that they tend to worry about everything and forget the world around them and that is even sadder that the idea of not having a choice at all.

However, having no choice isn’t exactly the opposite of choice being an illusion. The opposite of an illusion is reality. And the reality that envelopes this world is that, in the grand scheme of things, we, humans, are not the designers but are merely part of the great design.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that we must just sit idly by for we don’t have a choice and everything will reach the end they were trying to reach no matter what we do. This tells us to take our lives one day at a time – the way it’s always meant to be.

We should take time to look around, enjoy the sights and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. For these things are gifts and gifts weren’t presented to be ignored. Gifts are meant to be accepted and cherished. And it’ll be impossible to truly accept anything if we try to think about it too hard. Neither can they be truly cherished if we keep on thinking of all the things that might go wrong.

A lot of times, it is better to not imagine too many different scenarios – to not think too much of the huge array of possibilities that we can lay in front of us. If we can do even this, then we gain a lot of freedom, a freedom which has been taken away by the deep illusion of choice.

That illusion was not created to take from us but is there to guide us. And, since it is but an illusion, we must keep from being too absorbed, too caught up in it and learn to know, realize and understand the most important things.