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Month: October, 2011

It is Unsettling

It seems, humans are accelerating the pace on the road to destruction. The general condition of the world is not improving and the general atmosphere of the news continues to be gloomy. The state of the world is still in disrepair and, everyday, we can watch how we are all failing to care of this land. Humans are soiling the land too much.

It used to be that heinous crimes are unheard of in our place. They either happen in the big cities or way down south where there is huge opposition against the government. Stories of people being taken away and returned incomplete used to be unheard of in this place. They usually happen down south where civilians are randomly taken by the rebels in their effort to spread fear and panic on the general populace.

However, just last Saturday, someone told me of a child from a nearby town who went missing. The child was not only found dead in the ditch but was also left with the internal organs replaced with some cash amounting to Php 2,500. I didn’t want to believe it but I know it could be very true. Such things, of children being taken for their internal organs, have been in the news for quite some time already. It just hasn’t happened as near before. It’s too close for comfort.

Yesterday, I went to the university to see my instructor and I was greeted with a poster at the guard house warning everyone about similar incidents, the youth being taken by lawless elements who are concealed in highly tinted vans, which have been occurring all too often. Just a few moments ago, I heard of another child who was found dead with the eyes and some other internal organs missing.

People would all agree that this is the work of those people who take advantage of the sick – selling internal organs in the black market to the sick rich who can afford them. Given that, it is not only the merchants who are guilty but the rich who go to them as well. There won’t be merchants if there wasn’t a market.

This is just one of the things that show that we are all headed for the worse. But there is still the worst. Much more terrible things will happen and, as it is stated in the Book, if the worst days aren’t cut short, no one will survive. Not everyone will believe in what was written but, given state the world is in right now, one can’t help but believe that it is happening.

It is, indeed, unsettling. Nevertheless, there is a beautiful ending. There is a magical ending. And is is one which must always be remembered at times like this.

The Anatomy of Being

A deceitful heart. A manipulative mind. A devious soul.

Such are the things the human is made of. We failed to be the creation we were meant to be. We have become corrupt beings, easily swayed by the sands of time. Even the inspired writings from ages ago have penned it long before our time.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

However, this should hardly be surprising as even before the first ones had the chance to give birth to other beings, they have met with the serpent of old and didn’t have the better judgement to not believe him. The first ones, instead, went out of their way to disobey the Creator and obey the serpent of old.

Humans from long ago have lived in disobedience and tragedy instead of obedience and blessing. Our most ancient forefathers deemed it better to push away the Creator and wished for Him to be far them instead of drawing close to Him. That one mistake have continued on until He was no longer so close as to speak with us the way He did with the first ones. In the end, the serpent of old won humanity over.

Humans today live in the same state. We continue to live unguided by Him and continue to live under the rule of the serpent of old. Our thoughts are no longer directed in the straight and narrow but have continue to be in the serpentine curves that they have so become since the first ones obeyed the serpent.

The serpent continues to rule. He continues to live in all of us. And only too many of us still obey him. He continues to deceive and only too few are able to see through the deceit. Dethroning him is a monumental task that mere humans aren’t so capable of.

We’re all capable of the light. However, not everyone will be so willing to harness it and many will continue to obey the dark – after all, it is the easier one. We’ll all keep on leading ourselves to ruin. The state of humanity today shows such a destination. But I know the best is yet to come. It may not be soon but somehow, tomorrow will continue to come. And there will be one tomorrow when everything will be new and the things of old will be past. And it will be beautiful, elegant, majestic. Magnificent. Simply indescribable.

A Beautiful Panorama

Most of our life is a series of images. They pass us by like towns on the highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens and we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it – will live on forever.

– Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill, Season 3, Episode 14, All Tomorrow’s Parties

A few things in this world are inevitable – such things we can’t run away from, we can’t hide from, we can’t escape from. But at the end of the day, only two of those which are inevitable truly matter: change and life.

Most of us would agree that change is the only thing permanent in this world. But most would also forget what it means for change to be permanent, would not acknowledge its power, would fail to see it for what it’s worth.

Everything can only stay so long. All the best movies in the world end. The most excellent books ever written have an end. Every great song ends. And that’s exactly what makes them so special. If we can hold on to them forever, the threads that make them so beautiful will soon be cut away. And everything about them withers away.

But if we learn to appreciate change, we also learn to appreciate everything around us. We learn to not just sit by and take things forgranted. We acknowledge that they too will soon fade and that acceptance enables us to make every moment count. So that even if they may seem to be but fleeting images, at the heart of it, when we take a look back and piece them together, we see a beautiful tapestry that we were able to weave together because the knowledge of the inevitability of change helped us put brighter colours in our threads.

Now, we can all agree that change is inevitable but not everyone will live by it. Some will try to live in what might have been forgetting that there is still life ahead of them that is simply waiting to be lived. Just as change is inevitable, so is life. It happens. We can’t push it back, we can’t stop it, we can’t wish it away.

Try as anyone might, life cannot be avoided. It is there. And we must live it. The worst may come and we must face it head-on armed with the knowledge that, just as a favourite song ends, the worst will end, too. Change gives us that. However, just as the worst ends, the best may come and it, too, will end. But that doesn’t mean that we should hope for change to not come. The knowledge that change will soon come enables us live the best to its fullest and learn to be grateful of what we have been blessed with.

Everything comes to pass – life happens, changes occur. But if we truly accept them both, we know that, in the end, when all is laid down at the table, all the images we have created can but put together and what we will is one beautiful panorama that only life and changes could have woven together.